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Just in time for fall, Time Out Kids, selects us as one of the 30 Best After-School Programs For Kids In NYC.
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WPIX's Irv Gikovsky, aka Mr. G, visited our studio and produced a great segment which aired on July 11.


This program is very cool; it inspires kids to be adventurous in an artistic environment.

—Jen Gilkie, parent

The kids absolutely LOVED it! They were totally psyched and were stretched beyond what they'd imagined was going to happen. Thank You!!!

—Vicky Finney Crouch, parent

I peeked into the studio and saw everyone engaged, and really excited when they came out!

—Khari McDowell, parent

Super organized! Terrific creativity!

—Eve Heyn, parent

Awesome learning experience.

—Kryssa Schemmering, parent

My girls really responded to doing jobs (at AUTOMATIC STUDIOS) that are normally done by adults. They relished having responsibility apart from school and homework! And, as we all know, there is something magical about being on a film set, it is a world of its own, a little community that, when everyone is doing their job, functions like a kind of utopia. Everyone has responsibility, every person is needed and valued but also are dependent on the next guy. They like that feeling as much as we do.

—Hope Davis, parent

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