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Just in time for fall, Time Out Kids, selects us as one of the 30 Best After-School Programs For Kids In NYC.
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WPIX's Irv Gikovsky, aka Mr. G, visited our studio and produced a great segment which aired on July 11.


My daughter has returned to Automatic Studios vacation after vacation, summer after summer, day workshop after day workshop from the time she was in the third grade. As she has gotten older and her camp experiences have reduced here in the city due to growing independence, starting overnight camp, and narrowing interests (she's in sixth grade now, and dance and sports obsessed) Automatic Studios is a camp she continues to adore. Che and her crew are passionate about what they do, and genuinely love sharing their joy of filmmaking with children. Our daughter has learned about filmmaking, used authentic equipment, been part of the creative process and this camp has pushed my fairly shy and retiring child's comfort zone in a positive way that helped build courage and confidence. We have recommended Automatic Studios to our daughter's friends, and I have also recommended it to my fourth grade students. The final product is always polished and impressive - presented in a small theater on the big screen, and the kids are given the opportunity to share and debrief with their audience and talk about the process and their experience.

Perhaps one of the most salient moments of our daughter's young life was when the film she created at Automatic Studios the summer before third grade was selected to be presented at the TriBeCa Film Festival in a selection of shorts made by children. Our girl got to walk the red carpet with her fellow castmates, view the film as part of a collection of short films, and then take the the stage and be interviewed as filmmakers. What a fantastic, validating experience! We have nothing but positive things to say about Che, her staff, and this program and experience. Your children will LOVE it.

—Dot C.

Our girls have gone to summer camp at Automatic Studios three years in a row (the two week program, and then two, two week master classes), as well as numerous one day classes and birthday parties. It is a phenomenal way to learn the art of writing for film and filmmaking, collaborate with other kids, have fun, and make a movie! The kids write (most of the time - for the one day programs it is largely written before hand), direct, produce, do the lighting and sound, and star in their own film. They have the real deal equipment, and professionals on staff who all work in film and love kids. Getting to watch their film up on a "big screen" in a screening room is one of my favorite things! One of their films even went to the Tribeca Film Festival (kids section). I cannot recommend Automatic Studios enough!

—Mary R.

We've sent our son to Automatic Studios' camp program four times over the last two years, starting in fourth grade, and we've just started sending our third grade daughter. They love this program! Each time they come back with a finished project, having written, directed and acted a short film. The props and effects/green-screen let them to imagine and produce just about anything. The screening event is great - so much fun hearing the kids do a q&a about their work in the theater. The staff have been wonderful with the kids. Highly recommend this program.

—Erik M.

This camp is amazing for any creative kid, aspiring filmmakers, writers, directors, or behind the camera. Che and her team are so warm and welcoming! We've done both short 2 day camps and longer full week sessions. The finished product is always impressive. The kids write, film, act, etc. It ends with a "premiere" in a real theatre. It's a really special place. Its not cheap, but it's worth every penny!

—Jen W.

My daughter has always enjoyed attending camp at Automatic Studios. The camp is a hands on experience that takes kids through each stage of the filmmaking process, all with the support of knowledgable, seasoned professionals and excellent guest speakers. Automatic Studios treats the kids with respect, encouraging them to take responsibility for the process and work together to create piece of work they can be proud of. Can't recommend it highly enough.i

—Joceline A.

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